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Every problem have solutions - correct, elegant and on budget

We offer various solutions in the technical, transportation and organizational areas.

Open API Management

We help people build OpenAPI platforms and create ecosystems around their product, without sacrificing security and privacy. We use redoc, OpenAPI (Swagger), JSON Schema, AWS APIGateway and other technologies for building API portals.

Open Source Business Process Management

We use industry proven Camunda BPM to implement complex user-facing, mission critical processes in banks, insurance and fintech companies. Our experience includes service design, implementation and optimization for existing and new processes. We use process mining to discover existing processes in organizations.

Microservice orchestration

We build microservice, 12factor-based complex distributed systems and use open source orchestration to bring clarity and control to the execution flows, without sacrificing speed and reliability. We use, AWS Step Functions, Camunda BPM and other engines to define, execute and measure processes.

Agile coaching

We employ SCRUM and modern product management to make all organization work agile - from leadership to development and delivery, providing transparent view on progress and efficiency.

We use service design and lean service creation to create products users will love. We aim into implementing Minimum Lovable Product instead of Minimum Viable Product to bring real value to the users.

“It’s better to build something that a small number of users love, than a large number of users like.” Sam Altman, Y Combinator